Member Spotlight: Dr. Keith Yocum, Owner of Elizabethtown Family Chiropractic

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This month we’re proud to spotlight an active member of the Elizabethtown Area Chamber – Dr. Keith Yocum, owner of Elizabethtown Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Yocum took over the practice in 2015 and created a family-centered wellness office providing chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, and nutritional counseling. He also currently serves on the Chamber Board and is the Chair of our marketing committee.

Dr. Yocum and his wife Kim are no strangers to the world of business. Together they successfully ran a tree farm for many years while Dr. Yocum worked as a chiropractor in the Philadelphia area.  Despite having a successful farm business, he knew that chiropractic medicine was his true calling.

As their family grew with the addition of twins, Dr. Yocum and his wife made the decision to sell their farm and move to Elizabethtown to raise their family and fulfill Dr. Yocum’s dream of practicing chiropractor medicine in a practice of his own.

The Start of a Wellness Journey

Dr. Yocum started his own wellness journey after suffering from a lower back injury when he was a teenager. During his recovery, he turned to his chiropractor for relief.  In between sessions, he found himself thinking about the benefits he was receiving from each session and was drawn more to the ideas and philosophy of chiropractic medicine.

“After trying all of the conventional treatments for my injury, I finally tried chiropractic medicine and it worked,” said Dr. Yocum. “It worked so well that I decided to switch paths in life and begin my undergraduate studies to become a chiropractor.”

Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Services?

Anyone can benefit from seeing a chiropractor.  The Elizabethtown Family Chiropractic office works with patients of all ages.

There’s a long list of benefits that seeing a chiropractor can provide, like increased energy, better sleep, improved balance, increased range of motion, and improved digestion.

“Patients often think that chiropractic medicine is only necessary when they’ve experienced an injury or are in pain,” said Dr. Yocum. “In most cases, this is how a patient is introduced to chiropractic medicine, but they quickly realize that a chiropractor can help keep their body aligned and working at its best.”

Bringing Wellness to the Elizabethtown Area Community

Dr. Yocum is bringing the tools and therapies to make health and wellness more accessible to people living and working in Elizabethtown.  After a consultation, patients are given treatment options as well as follow-up care including at-home exercises, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

“My goal is to improve the health of the community and continue to add services that benefit the people of Elizabethtown where I live and raise my family,” said Dr. Yocum.

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