Member Spotlight: DDMP Investment Advisors

DDMP founders James McCurdy, Todd Dellinger, John Phillips, and Sean Dolan, first met while working for a large, regional trust company. It was there that they realized they shared a vision for the future of the investment advisory industry. They knew there was a better way to serve their local clients–a business model that put clients before quarterly earnings. So, in 2006, they brought that vision to life by founding DDMP and embarking on a journey to better serve individuals, businesses, and families in Elizabethtown.

Creating a Client-Focused Team

When starting DDMP, the co-founders asked themselves, “if we were the clients, how would we want to see it done.” After spending the first part of their careers chasing numbers and working under the pressure of recurring 90-day earnings goals, they knew they wanted to build a client-focused business model.

That meant putting themselves in the clients’ shoes. DDMP made and continues to make decisions as if it was their business, retirement, or endowment fund on the line.

A Better Way of Doing Business Together

DDMP’s model isn’t only better for clients. It’s better for the founders, their team, and their families.

“If I go away on vacation and a client needs me, I know my team will be there to help the client while I’m away,” Sean said. “We all saw the benefit of working together as a team instead of as individuals. By creating a team, we’ve created a firm in which every team member can jump in and help any client at any time.”

Investing in the Community

The team at DDMP is proud to be a part of the Elizabethtown community.

“Elizabethtown has been amazing to us,” Sean said. “The community has supported our business and embraced our client-centric business model. We feel lucky to have the opportunity to support individuals, businesses, and families across Elizabethtown.”

With the Elizabethtown Area’s support, DDMP has grown steadily over the past 15 years. And because of that support, DDMP continually gives back to Elizabethtown by supporting programs and organizations across the community.

“If anyone in the community needs financial advice–regardless of their financial circumstance–DDMP’s doors are open to them,” Sean said. “We always try to help people to find the best solutions for their unique situations, no matter where they are in their investment journey.”

We’re proud to have DDMP Investment Advisors as a member of our Chamber. The firm specializes in individual asset management, retirement plans for small and medium-sized companies, and endowment funds for nonprofits. To learn more about their services, visit them at

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