Member Spotlight: Ardor and Sage

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Passion and wisdom. That’s the modern English translation of Ardor and Sage, and it’s the two things owner Jenn Hunter strives to embody at her salon.

In 2018, Jenn opened Ardor and Sage salon for two reasons: 1. to provide herself and other stylists a “family first” balance to their lives, and 2. to create a salon that is welcoming to everyone. Their unique approach is a hit with customers in Elizabethtown. Ardor and Sage offers full-service hair, skin, and nail services for women, men, and kids.

A Family-First Salon

As a wife and new mom, Jenn wasn’t finding the right balance in her life while working at other salons. She felt stuck between limited time-off policies and what she loves most—being a mom. So when her husband’s job brought their family back to Lancaster County, she knew she wanted to open her own salon.

“I wanted to offer a work environment that’s flexible,” explains Jenn. There’s no need to request time off at Ardor and Sage. Stylists simply make sure their clients are taken care of and block out their schedules when they need time away. Making sure her stylists can prioritize their family is just part of the business model.

All Are Welcome Here

The flexibility doesn’t end with employees. Ardor and Sage employs an “Everyone is Welcome” philosophy—it’s even printed on their wall. Jenn strives to create a comfortable environment for all types of people. She knows some people want a high-end luxury experience, and others simply want a place they can feel comfortable getting a regular trim. Ardor and Sage is a salon for both, and everyone in between.

Every client at Ardor and Sage can expect a personalized experience and one-on-one time with their stylists. Jenn’s salon focuses on creating a great experience by pairing stylists with clients from shampoo to final styling. In addition, stylists set aside enough time to make sure to meet their client’s needs thoroughly.

“Our stylists are passionate about what they do. They really care about the person sitting in their chair,” Jenn says of her team.

Shaping Confidence and Community

When Jenn didn’t know what to do after high school, her mom suggested she look into cosmetology school. She was shocked to find out there is an entire industry built around helping people look their best. Jenn instantly fell in love with the idea. Now, nearly a decade later, she’s still passionate about serving her community through her salon, Ardor and Sage.

Jenn has three tenants for success: family-first, everyone is welcome, and no gossip allowed. Of course, Ardor and Sage stylists are great listeners if their clients want to vent. But you won’t catch Jenn’s team talking negatively about other salons or local businesses. In fact, Jenn knows how important it is to support small businesses. So her clients can choose from locally roasted coffee and locally made wine during their appointment.

“I love helping people look and feel their best,” Jenn said of her passion for cosmetology.

We are proud to have Ardor and Sage as a member of our Chamber. To learn more about the salon, visit them at

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